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We have customized and implemented hundreds of WordPress website designs for our clients allowing them to stand apart from their competition, a significant differentiator on their roads to success.

WordPress and WooCommerce Development - Los Angeles - TorontoLancer Media prides itself as a tenured WordPress web design agency in Woodland Hills. WordPress is the most popular website and CMS platform, currently powering over 75 million websites worldwide. We have designed, customized, and implemented hundreds of WordPress designs for our clients allowing them to stand apart from their competition, a significant differentiator on their road to success. We customize WordPress themes but quite often build sites from the ground up using WordPress. It’s that flexible. And because it’s a CMS (content management system), you don’t need to know HTML to edit your own pages. Your website will be designed with an aesthetic that matches your vision and sync’s with your company’s brand.

The Benefits of Choosing a WordPress Web Design

  • Cost Effective – If you build a house from scratch, the architect must design it then the contractors build it. With a WordPress theme, the design and construction is, to a degree, already completed. There is still customization and coding to be performed but the cost is a percentage of what it would cost to build a site from scratch.
  • Content Management System (CMS) – WordPress was initially constructed as a platform for bloggers which is why it is easy for non-coders to edit WordPress pages. If you know how to work in Microsoft Word, you can work in WordPress.
  • SEO-Friendly – WordPress plugins allow us to perfectly optimize your website with the correct title tags and meta description tags. The page code is transparent thus allowing us to optimize the content and interlink between pages, as well.
  • Full Technical Support – We offer complete, full-service technical support to ensure that your WordPress theme is up-to-date on versions and security patches. We are also there to help you navigate the many features that you can utilize to enhance your website.
  • Flexible and Scalable – Typical WordPress themes offer offer widget features and short codes that can scale your website as your business grows.

Learn why 75 million websites are powered by WordPress

What Is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an extendable, adaptable, and open-sourced eCommerce solution that integrates with WordPress themes to allow anyone to seamlessly sell services and products on their WordPress site.

There are also WooCommerce themes that come packaged with the eCommerce tools and functionality you’ll need to begin selling immediately.

WooCommerce owns a 22% market share of the top 1 million websites employing an eCommerce solution. WooCommerce is the more popular choice, currently ahead of Magento and Shopify.

Want to turn your WordPress website into an eCommerce site? Let us tell you about WooCommerce: (818) 521-8383.

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