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The reason Google partnered with Twitter in 2009 is because Google’s website value measurement was failing. It was far too easy for website publishers to co-opt links from link farms, friends or a network. As a result, not-so-relevant websites were getting prominent SERP ranking. Twitter content and followers allows Google a better way to value a website.

The latest Google Farmer Update is another attempt to parse the relevant from the irrelevant. Nice but a bit late, don’t you think? Anyway, Farmer is aimed at site relevance by basically reducing the SERP rank for low quality websites that contain low quality content (think repurposed content aimed at voluminously filling up website coffers) and mimicked content (something I have to remind our clients about almost each day). Low quality or mimicked (copied) content originated from Google’s original mandate that website valued is measured in content. Remember the mantra: “content, content, content!”?

What Google meant to say was that website value was measured in original content. They meant it but their algorithm couldn’t support the mandate. Publishers and SEO companies realized this years ago and decided to venture off into dubious territory. But, they shold have known. You might not get caught once but if you keep repeating your sins, you’re bound to be caught. The focus for Google’s Farmer Update now, as it was supposed to have been, is original content and where best to get original content than from social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook? Twitter content is valued but how long will it take for even Twitter users to find a way to co-opt the Google algorithm into not being able to discern between valued tweets, retweets and follower bases?

What Can You Do to Increase Visitors to Your Website Today?


    • Blog about your industry, your company, its achievements, products, services, how it benefits people and the world’s populace as a whole
      Reformulate high quality thoughts (from your blog) into useful Tweets and Facebook entries. We practice safe SEO and Social Media Marketing Blogging. What will you write about?


  • Seek (ask but gently) high quality links to your content. Again, a touchy subject for us. We despise link farms and the many requests we receive each morning form afar asking us to use link building schemes. We find that, over time, the content that we develop and optimize ranks very well on the front pages of SERPs. We find that links find their way to our content. It is not difficult to attract links. Ask your customers if they would link to your content. They wouldn’t be customers if they didn’t “recommend” your products and services.