SEO & SEM Training Classes and Seminars

Woodland Hills

SEO and SEM Training Classes and Seminars - Los Angeles - TorontoBenefit from two decades worth of empirical and research-based expertise and experience SEO, responsive website design, SEM, and remarketing.

Investing in your SEO and SEM (PPC) development and that of your employees yields optimum ROI. Why? Our Woodland Hills SEO training classes and seminars “teach you how to fish” and teach you the skills necessary to effectively promote and profit from your website and your brand.

In one day, SEO training will teach you the correct optimization and advertising techniques required to elevate your personal or business website to the front pages of the search engines.

Title tag and meta description development training - Los Angeles - TorontoWho Will Benefit from Our Interactive SEO and SEM (PPC) Training Classes and Seminars?

  • SEO and PPC advertising beginners and those with intermediate-level knowledge
  • Owners of websites and blogs, complex and basic, static or database-driven, personal or business
  • You or an employee that needs a brush up on the latest SEO techniques
  • You or an employee that recognizes the need for SEO but doesn’t know what to do or where to begin

What You Can Expect to Learn with SEO & SEM Training

You will learn how to optimize and market a website so that it positions on the front page of the search engine’s organic listings, converts a visitor to a customer through proven human factors methodologies inherent in website design and gains brand awareness by leveraging the power of social networking sites. In addition, we will teach you the right way to develop, market and monitor SEM campaigns (pay-per-click advertising).

  • Some Search Engine Optimization Techniques That You’ll Learn
    • Where and how to identify relevant keyphrases that your target market uses to locate your products or services.
    • How to develop and optimize source code metatags.
    • The rules behind developing and optimizing content.
    • How to name, describe and optimize images and videos.
    • How to properly create web page URLs.
    • How and why the content on one page affects the ranking of another.
    • And so much more.
  • Some of the Website Design Techniques That You’ll Learn
    • How to design a web page that entices your visitors to “do” what you want them to do.
  • Learn How To Make Money with Search Engine Marketing (Pay-per-Click (PPC)
    • How to set up a AdWords and Bing Ads campaign and the golden rules of budgeting. Seems simple but not many succeed.
    • How to choose the actionable and profitable keywords and why the keywords identified for organic ranking are not always relevant for a SEM campaign.
    • How to write ads that entice click-throughs (CTRs).
    • How to create Ad Groups from your list of targeted keyphrases.
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