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Search Engine Optimization

Unparalelled Record Achieving Front Page Organic Google Rankings

Search Engine Optimization Los Angeles - Lancer MediaSEO is difficult. It requires expertise. It is not learned in one session. It is mastered over the course of many years. There are only a small percentage in companies in the world who understand SEO and know how to expertly optimize a website. In the first couple of years of our existence, we optimized websites without charging a penny. Our intent was to empirically pass on what we knew of SEO and, based on results and research, grow to a point where we considered ourselves masters.

Lancer Media was founded in 2001 in Los Angeles as a SEO company where we quickly emerged as one of the top companies in the world for any website owner seeking front page ranking in the main, organic listings of search engines. We quickly became one of LA’s top designers because of our commitment to holistic online marketing.

SEO needs to be defined in a holistic sense meaning that it is part of, characterized and explained by its relation to your website (the whole). Many assume, by ranking on the first page of Google or Bing, that they are in line to make millions. What they don’t realize is that all of the online messages presented to the searcher must work in tandem to create a consistent, aesthetic message from start ot finish, from the website listing in search engines to the quality of the website to the quality/price of the service or product you’re offering or even the professionalism and expertise offered by the person picking up the phone on the other end.

For example, the reason you need SEO is to rank in the search engines and by ranking highly for a set of keywords, your website will be displayed to hundreds of searchers looking for your product or service. With a powerful title and description, those searchers click on your website link and transition to your website where they make a purchase, complete a form, make a call, etc. SEO is the first step, getting them there. The holistic part comes in when they land on your website.

What is Holistic Search Engine Optimization?

So, when we make a point of saying that our SEO services are holistic, we are saying that we will utilize our honed search engine optimization skills, learned empirically and through research, to rank your site on page 1 of Google and to increase the amount of visitors to your website. But, we will also leverage our human factors optimization expertise to ensure that your website achieves the desired goal once visitors do land on it – which is ensuring that they stay on it and perform the action(s) you intend, i.e., purchase products and services, send an email, call your offices, complete your contact form, sign up for a newsletter, etc.

We define human factors optimization as the study of functional influences on visitors and thus, it is directly related to our website design process. Your website must be designed and developed so that pages load quickly, so that visitors understand what it is that you do, that they can navigate anywhere on the site in one click or less, and finally, that they ultimately perform the action that you desire them to perform.

Website design is part graphical design and part ergonomic design. Ergonomic design is the human factors component.

Our Approach to Optimizing Your Website (SEO)

The process of optimizing your website begins with keyword research and analysis which must reflect your business mission and offerings. Each page of your website should rank on its own in the search listings. Once the short- and longtailed keywords are identified and matched to your webpages, we develop high quality title tag and meta description messaging, the intent of which is to entice a searcher to click on your website link.

We then write, edit, and optimize your webpage content (copywriting) ensuring that it is consistent with the keywords we’ve identified. This is a detailed process and one that requires true writing skills and a high level of knowledge and expertise in understanding the many on-page SEO techniques that will get your webpage(s) to page one of the search engine listings.

Our SEO offering also includes:

  • SEO Copywriting & Article Writing – your website is marketed to two audiences: 1) your visitors (potential customers) and 2) the search engines. No matter the audience, however, it’s imperative that your website be the true authority in its industry meaning the content must be informative and educational as well as updated frequently. High quality copywriting and article writing will engender trust, and endear and attract more visitors to your website. Links and social shares will follow.
  • Multilingual SEO – let’s say that you want to market your products and services to non-English speaking people who you feel would be potential customers. Not only do you need your content to be translated into and optimized for those foreign languages but the content must be localized, as well. Localization means that you adapt your content to specific regions by employing locale-specific text and rich media (videos, interactive apps). Example: one of our current localization projects involves translating and optimizing English content into Spanish. However, people in Colombia speak Spanish differently than those living in Mexico or even Los Angeles. Our client wants to reach Spanish language users in Los Angeles. Localization, in this instance, means that we translated (localized) and optimized the English content so it could be read and understood by those living in Los Angeles. Phrasing is different. Idioms are different. Optimization ensured that the translated webpages would appear atop the search listings.
  • SEO Consulting – We provide SEO consulting and social media marketing consulting services to companies that already have a marketing team in place. We educate and train your team, then test them to ensure that they fully comprehend and can successfully execute a search engine optimization plan to perfection.
  • SEO Training – Learn more about SEO Training Classes and Seminars.

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