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Reconnect your business brand, services, and products with visitors who have already been to your website.

Retargeting Ads are an extremely popular and effective method of advertising that reconnect your brand and products with visitors who have already been to your website. These visitors may have left without purchasing a product, may have added one to their cart then left, or, perhaps, they left without performing another trackable or tangible action, i.e., newsletter signup, contact form submission, etc.

An average website conversion rate for our clients ranges from 2% – 7%. These are superb conversion rates. However, it still means that 93% – 98% of visitors left without purchasing. There are myriad reasons why visitors leave a website. Some might leave because they were just browsing without purchase intent; others might leave because the product price is out of their purchase range; still others might leave because they were indecisive but did have purchase intent. So many reasons but you know that there’s a percentage of them that will come back to purchase, if properly enticed.

This is where retargeting ads can significantly help your bottom line and improve conversion rates.

How Retargeting Ads Work

We will know if prospective customers or clients have left your site without purchasing. And when they do, we have technology that follows them around the internet. If they land on any one of our partner sites (we have hundreds), we then serve them an ad branded with your logo, message, and image of the product they were contemplating buying. The ad contains a message enticing them to return and a link back to your website.

We have experienced tremendous success generating thousands of additional revenue leveraging the power of retargeting ads.

Retargeting ads can be varied in their approach and messaging. They can display the product image that was last viewed, display a range of products, serve as a reminder of a promotion, and much more. Executed properly, retargeting ads should be employed as a complement to other SEM advertising campaigns.

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