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In 16 Years, Our Websites Have Sold Over $480m in Products and Services

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Lancer Media offers full-service, responsive web design services for small and mid-sized companies worldwide that bring your ideas and strategies to life. Your website must be responsive in today’s online environment. In April, 2015, Google made it clear that any website that is not responsive (mobile-friendly) will experience ranking penalties in its mobile search algorithm. If you’re like most websites, mobile traffic probably accounts for 30-40% of all of your traffic.

We can build your dream website from scratch or using the most popular and efficient web platforms:

Our website designers work hand-in-hand with you to deliver a website that not only is amazing to look at and clearly displays your message, but one that consistently converts visitors into customers.


Full Service Responsive Website Designers

Responsive Website Designers Los Angeles and Toronto - Lancer MediaWe approach your custom website design project as a mall store-owner approaches window merchandising. The goal is to attract visitors to the website through SEO, SEM, Remarketing, and social media marketing, all the while impressing them and building your credibility with an ergonomically smart, creative, and superior design. We then entice and direct them to perform the action(s) you intend, i.e., purchase your product or service, sign up for a newsletter, complete a form, send an email, etc.

Although we have offices in Los Angeles and Toronto, we design, build, and SEO websites for companies all over the world. Our website designers create websites that are unique and imaginative and help your company stand apart from your competition. We focus on your vision, your tastes, and strategy. Our expertise is developing a body of work in alignment with each. We communicate frequently with each client over the course of the entire project and almost daily in the early phases.

Our primary advantage as website designers is that we use current coding technologies and protocols, and we engender a special trust with each client. Clients trust our skills, experience, seasoning, intelligence, professionalism, and honesty. We deliver results over and above what is expected and promised.


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