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Last month, we talked about how Pinterest can drive website traffic. At the time of publication, Pinterest was one of the fastest growing social networks ever with 11 million unique visitors and 4,000% growth in the last half year.

Well, the value of Pinterest was just enhanced. According to TechCrunch, Pinterest, with a 1.05% visit share in February, was responsible for more visitor referrals than Twitter (.82%). Currently, Pinterest ranks behind Facebook (6.38%) and StumbleUpon (1.29%). Pictures really are worth a thousand words!

A view into Referral Traffic Results from One of our Clients


Pinterest is Responsible for More Referral Traffic Than Twitter - Lancer Media


What is Referral Traffic?

Website traffic is categorized into three segments:

  • search engine traffic – visitors to your website whose path to your website began on a search engine when they queried with a search term.
  • direct traffic – visitors to your website who typed your domain name directly into their browser thus bypassing the search engines.
  • referral traffic – visitors to your website whose last path to your website was from another website.

The value in referral traffic is that other websites help to build your brand and improve your conversion rate by linking to your website pages with text, images or banners. Referral conversion rates should be competitive with the conversion rate of a long-tail keyword term entered in a search engine query. Visitors will not click unless they are interested in your product or service.