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Online Reputation Management

The Most Effective Reputation Management Program for Individuals, Businesses and Corporations

Social networks, blogs, forums and review sites like Yelp and CrowdReviews.com are today considered accepted and quick methods of judging and promoting corporate brands, personal reputations, products, services and ideas to the general online public in an instant. These platforms are now the predominant media used to communicate messages, thoughts and opinions.

However, not all messages, thoughts, opinions, and reviews are positive. They can turn into negative online assaults that can damage and negatively affect current partnerships, future business sales, business perception, business brand name, as well as friendships and family unity.

The good news is that your online reputation can be fixed and ultimately managed. Our proprietary reputation management methodology has helped to repair many a reputation, business, and personal partnerships through the years.

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We Get Results

“I can say without any doubt that your reputation management services helped me keep my job and my security clearance. I know the government did a web search on me and only found positive info after you put put your Reputation Management expertise to work. Your reputation management services managed to push all the erroneous info those witches posted about me, right to the very end of the web, and the work you posted right to the very front. I will never forget the feeling of hopelessness I was feeling until the night I called you. People should know that there really is a reputation management service to protect folks from internet intimidation.” ~ Michael L., Washington, D.C.


Case Study

How Our Reputation Management Services Helped the Kern County Scottish Society

The Kern County Scottish Society (KCSS) was in a PR crisis and only had less than one week to fix it. KCSS recounts the story of how Lancer Media, in one week, put its reputation management strategy to work and pushed all negative publicity off of the front page of Google and saved the Scottish Games.

The Backstory

The previous year, KCSS’ annual Bakersfield (CA) Scottish Games had unjustly earned a bad online reputation after a hate group had caused a disruption at the event. Their group of volunteers had temporarily fixed the security problem and had made extra efforts to demonstrate to the community that the Scottish Games were indeed diverse and that they welcomed all ethnicities to the cultural celebration. KCSS learned, however, that this disruption was only the beginning.

This year, the hate group had successfully co-opted the name of the Scottish Games for use on their website so that their group would appear above or below KCSS’ website whenever the Games were Googled. After seeing this, the community reacted in panic. Sponsors of the Scottish Games threatened to pull their financial support and ticket holders debated whether to attend at all.

The Solution As Recounted By KCSS

Eight days prior to the Scottish Games, we, the Kern County Scottish Society, Googled reputation management companies, found Lancer Media, Inc. listed in the SERPs and left a message requesting immediate assistance for our online reputation management issue. Within a couple of hours, Fred Palmerino returned our call. Twenty-four hours later, he devised a custom and creative reputation management plan that explained how to pour positive information about our group onto the Internet.

Within 48 hours, positive PR on commercial websites, blogs, forums, and personal websites started to separate the KCSS’ good name from the negativity that had plagued us the previous year and in the days leading up to this year’s Games.

Lancer Media, a SEO and Internet Marketing company based in Los Angeles, did not let up on their PR offensive. Rather, the search engine optimization and reputation management firm worked tirelessly through the weekend and during the early parts of the week pouring credible press releases onto the Internet that successfully separated our name from any hate group in time for the Games.

In the end, the Bakersfield Scottish Games were a success.

For those of you interested in statistics, let us give you some numbers. Prior to Lancer Media’s reputation management efforts, our search listing, which appeared on the front page of Google for keyphrases related to the Games, was within four (4) search results of the hate group’s website. After 48 hours of working with Lancer Media, our link was separated by eight (8) listings, and after 72 hours, the hate group website listing was relegated to the 2nd page, clear away from our good name. A combination of radio, television, and newspaper ads combined with the incredible reputation management work of Lancer Media also increased our website traffic by 63% for this time period, year-over-year. KCSS needed immediate help managing their online reputation and found it in Lancer Media.