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Miva Merchant Web Design

Silver Certified Miva Merchant Web Developers

Miva Merchant Web Design

Miva Merchant web design Los AngelesLancer Media is a Silver Certified Miva Merchant Web Developer.

We specialize in Miva web design and are able to provide clients with a complete eCommerce software solution (online storefront), powered by Miva Merchant.



We are experts in the setup and customization of a Miva Merchant online store including:

  • Miva Hosting setup and configuration
  • Store setup, customization and management
  • Template creation, modification and customization
  • Mobile storefront design and implementation
  • Store design best practices
  • Module installation, setup and customization
  • Online payment setup and configuration
  • PayPal integration
  • Shipping table setup and configuration
  • Shipping integration with major carriers
  • Order management and reporting
  • Data import and export

In today’s eCommerce software solution market, having your own store isn’t enough. With intense competition from large retailers like Amazon and a growing market of eBay stores, the setup and maintenance of your own shopping cart can give you the edge to increase your online sales. Combine Lancer Media’s Miva Merchant shopping cart developer expertise with its ability to produce exciting and unique responsive web designs and you will achieve the product-selling success you’ve always dreamed of.

eCommerce Enabled by the Power of Miva Merchant

With over 300,000 software licenses sold since 1997, Miva Merchant has become a leading eCommerce platform for today’s demanding online stores. Widely recognized as one of the most customizable eCommerce software solutions for selling products online, Miva Merchant allows store owners to have complete control over the shopping experience they extend to their customers. Miva Merchant is Secure, Reliable and Flexible. With healthy and active 3rd party Miva Merchant shopping cart developers, the power of modules and plugins help extend its functionality to meet the website design and development needs of even the most demanding store owners.

Using Miva Merchant To Pass Automated Order Exports to Fulfillment Centers

Lancer Media provides solutions for clients who need to automate the process of sending orders to fulfillment centers without the need for manual interaction. If you currently use Miva Merchant and work with a fulfillment center that does not have direct access into your Miva store via a module or API, Lancer Media can work with you to formulate a solution to get orders out of your store automatically and sent to the fulfillment center. Our solutions ensure that your customers will receive their shipments in a timely manner without the need of overseeing an inconvenient and inefficient manual ordering process.

Case Study

Lancer Media was able to utilize Miva Merchant’s built-in Template Based Email system along with the Miva Toolkit module to script customized template-based actions to log and write each order to a formatted data file on the clients’ server.

Using Miva Toolkit, Lancer Media was able to customize the data file to match the exact format that the fulfillment center (United Fulfillment Solutions, Inc.) required in order to process the file automatically and without any manual interaction.

Lancer Media was also able to build in fraud detection safeguards so that suspicious orders would not be automatically sent to fulfillment without manual approval.

Once the data file was automatically placed on the server, we were able to write Unix-based scripts to schedule and transmit the order files to fulfillment via FTP multiple times per day.

The scripts were also used to archive older data for record keeping purposes, notify the client of a successful delivery of the data (orders) to fulfillment, and alert the client of any errors in the ordering process.


The ordering process solution that Lancer Media provided allowed the client to have a complete hands-off automated order fulfillment solution which saved them valuable time, money, and customers.

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