Brand Development

What do you want to be known for or, better put, what do you want people to think when your company name is mentioned or your logo displayed?

Most companies know that they need to identify their brand and that it should be the underlying foundation for all things internal and external. The problem is that many truly don’t understand what it means and even fewer know how to execute on it.

What Is Your Brand?

In the pre-internet era, companies associated a logo with their brand. Today, brand ties together logo, identity, internal values and culture with offline and online messaging beyond the company walls. Once your company vision has been established, it’s essential that it’s reinforced internally and then communicated, strategically, to your audience. And think about the many ways and the many varied platforms that you can use to communicate with your customers: billboards, radio, TV, your website, social media, online shopping engines, etc., basically any and all touchpoints where your company intersects with your customers.

How Lancer Media Creates a Brand Marketing Strategy

Brand marketing builds on the creation of the brand. It creates an identity, vision, and message then communicates its service/product differentiators in an effective way.

Lancer Media brand marketing strategy focuses on the short-term and long-term. Consistency is the bridge between them.

1. Establish Your Company Vision

We can help you establish your vision. Who are you? What do you want to be known for or, better put, what do you want people to think when your company name is mentioned or your logo displayed somewhere? Once decided, we develop strategies to get your message passed through all relevant marketing channels.

2. Identify Your Audience

Identifying a target audience is a bit more sophisticated than targeting anyone who will conceivably purchase your service or product. A far more effective strategy would be to break your audience down by psychographics and buying habit.

3. Establish Your Brand Marketing Plan

Now that you’ve identified your audience, create a marketing plan to reach them. Begin with website design. Make sure it’s contemporary, visually pleasing, and aligned with your messaging. Reinforce that messaging on social media. Leverage the power of video and infographics.

4. Be Consistent

Consistency creates awareness, trust, and loyalty. Ensure that your message and visual aesthetics (website, videos, logo, brochures, etc.) are parallel, aligned with the long-term in mind. Again, the question to ask is “what do I want my audience to think of when they are presented with my brand”?

5. Tap Emotion

It’s imperative that you build an emotional connection with your audience. Build a following, engage with them, encourage them, lead them, and reward them with superior service.

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