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Bigcommerce Web Design

Our Bigcommerce web design is performed in the cloud. Our sites load quickly, are secure, and come with many built-in features.

Bigcommerce Web Design Woodland Hills

Bigcommerce Web Design Los AngelesLancer Media is a Bigcommerce web design agency located in Woodland Hills and, like WordPress, Bigcommerce is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that offers pre-built and customizable templates. The only difference is that the website build process is performed in the cloud. Thus, all websites powered by the Bigcommerce platform are hosted by Bigcommerce.


The Benefits of Choosing a Bigcommerce Web Design

  • It’s in the Cloud – Bigcommerce themes are in the cloud meaning that you don’t need to go find a hosting provider and you don’t need to hire us to make sure the website is up-to-date on versions and security patches.
  • Speed and Security Matters – Bigcommerce pages load quickly and all security and compliance issues are handled at the cloud level.
  • Many Built-in Features – Bigcommerce offers functionality for reviews, an easy interface that allows you to add and delete products, inventory management, integrated payments, analytics, order management, coupon code creation, discount functionality, easy shipping integration, and more.
  • Integrated Marketing Features – Bigcommerce build in easy tools to integrate Google Shopping and eBay stores. It’s also pre-packaged with an AdWords Ad generator and customizable category pages and canonical product pages to assist in making your site SEO-friendly.

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