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Article Writing Services That Do Rank Your Website Higher!


Ok, so you’ve designed your website and optimized it (SEO). Now what?

Google demands that your website be authoritative and that it be updated regularly with informative, educational (even entertaining) content.

The way to achieve authority is with well-planned and thoughtfully researched and written articles.

We’ve proven it with many client websites over the past two decades and it continues today.

Web page content writing has been part of our SEO strategy since our inception because content must be in sync with and support your keyword strategy. It is an art and a science that we have perfected over the last two decades. We routinely achieve front page ranking in Google and Bing as a result.

Authoritative Content Is Still King


Be the Authority

On an ongoing basis, however, your website must be viewed as the authority in your industry or your locale, at least. And the way you achieve authority is for people to regularly visit your website for answers to questions or for products and services that serve a purpose or service a need.

Article writing needs to be informative, educational, offer a unique perspective and be entertaining when it’s appropriate. Your goal is to capture your audience and to keep them coming back to your website. Article writing cannot be rushed or forced and can’t be solely viewed as something you need to do to gain in the search engine rankings. It must be altruistic (think of how your audience will gain), paced, and thoughtfully planned. And, of course, articles should be written by writers (like our content and blog writers) who can write and know how to capture an audience.

Article writing is always related to your business and your industry, and is always optimized so that it ranks in Google and Bing for the keywords you intend. If you have a properly designed responsive website, people will visit other pages as long as they are satisfied with the article they’ve read.

Article Writing Case Study #1:

Adrienne is a property manager of ski in/ski out vacation homes in Brighton and Solitude, Utah. We originally designed and optimized her site around keywords related to Brighton and Solitude. Because keywords related to Brighton and Solitude were not competitive, we were able to rank her website on the front pages of Google and Bing in a couple of weeks, a very short period of time in the SEO world.

However, and as you can imagine, because of low keyword demand, a small amount of people were searching for those keywords (and calling her for a booking).

So, we appended the strategy. Now that we owned Brighton and Solitude (her backyard), we came up with a strategy to own all of Utah. So we embarked on an article writing campaign to target Utah-based keywords. We wrote 2 articles each month, sometimes more than that, and within 6 months, the website was ranking in the first 3 positions for all of the Utah keywords we targeted. And her bookings skyrocketed.

Article Writing Case Study #2:

We designed and optimized an ear, nose, and throat website for a medical practice in Philadelphia. Optimization worked. In the first 90 days, the website, which didn’t rank for any keywords on the first 10 pages of Google and Bing, ranked in the first 3 pages. Fantastic success but we still weren’t on page 1. I knew that the only way to get there would be to convince our audience and Google that we were the authority in all conditions related to the ear, nose, and throat.

So, we embarked on an article writing campaign where we wrote about the most popular conditions that they treated, i.e., snoring, sleep apnea, deviated septum, chronic sinusitis, silent reflux, TMJ, vertigo, hearing loss, and more. Within 3 months, each article ranked on the first page of Google and, more often than not, in the first 3 ranking positions. After one year, our articles accounted for 80% of the website’s traffic.

Our strategy was as follows:

  1. Write articles that interest people, inform them, and help them solve a problem.
  2. Optimize each article for targeted keywords.
  3. Optimization (SEO) of those articles would trigger an increase in appointments if readers lived in the metro Philadelphia area.
  4. If they didn’t live in the metro Philadelphia area, readers obviously wouldn’t book an appointment but their presence and time on the website proved authority to Google and resulted in higher rankings of the ENTIRE website.

Article writing as a SEO strategy works! Google’s mission, from day 1, has been and continues to be to promote authority as well as informative and unique content.