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About Lancer Media

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency – Los Angeles

About Lancer Media

Since 2001, Lancer Media has specialized in website design, SEO, SEO copywriting, SEM advertising, retargeting ads, reputation management, as well as brochure design, logo design, and email marketing.

Our full service digital marketing services are differentiated in the quality and depth of our service offerings, from our creative, contemporary, and branded Los Angeles web designs and unparalleled SEO expertise (upon which we founded the company) to our seasoned expertise in SEM advertising.

In the field of SEO (search engine optimization), we believe, because of our empirical research, experience, and rankings record since 2001, that we do it better than any one else. Our differentiator is our complete dedication to the well-being and growth of our clients websites and online businesses.

Lancer Media was founded with a focus on SEO algorithmic research. We gathered very bright technical minds to uncover the true techniques required to rank a website on the front page of the organic listings of Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Remember back then, Alta Vista had given way to Yahoo! who was then eclipsed by Google. We researched SEO for years even working for free in some instances so we could prove our hypotheses empirically. Well, it all paid off because SEO, if you think about it, is not only the cornerstone to ranking highly in Google but it significantly affects ranking in online shopping engines such as Amazon, and is the absolute foundation to getting views on social media.

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