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Lancer Media is a Website Design Company
Specializing in Unique and Creative Website Designs

"Our website design company offers full-service web design, mobile website design, website ergonomics, and custom eCommerce shopping solutions that bring your ideas and strategies to fruition. We work hand-in-hand with you to design and develop a website that is aesthetically pleasing, clearly displays your message(s), clearly directs visitors to perform the action(s) you desire, and allows them to access any part of your website from any given web page. In short, our professional website design incorporates creativity, imagination, ergonomics, aesthetics, structure, and function." - Fred Palmerino, President/CEO, Lancer Media, Inc., Los Angeles


Tender Dentist Woodland Hills

Elite Sports Medicine - Reseda, Canoga Park, Los Angeles

Pennsylvania Snoring and Sleep Institute Philadelphia - Website Design by Lancer Media Inc

Celestial Soul Wellness - Certified Massage Therapist in Los Angeles - Website Design by Lancer Media Inc

Robin Ruth San Francisco and San Jose Photographer - Website Design by Lancer Media Inc


We approach your custom website design project as a mall store-owner approaches window merchandising: attract them to the website through SEO and social media marketing, impress them and enhance your credibility with a very smart and creative design, keep them on the website with intelligent ergonomics, and entice the sale with custom eCommerce shopping solutions. Increasing the time spent by visitors on your site will increase the conversion rate. In other words, you can't just build it and expect them to come. Deploy advanced SEO techniques and social marketing strategies to attract visitors then capture and convert them to customers with a creatively merchandised website that is optimized for ergonomics, just like Mall storefronts are.

Although we're based in Los Angeles, we design and build websites for small, mid- and larger-sized companies all over the world. Our website design services, we find, are different form the rest. We not only design unique and imaginative websites that help you stand apart form your competition, we focus on your vision, your tastes, and strategy. Our expertise is developing a body of work in alignment with each. We communicate frequently with each client over the course of the entire project and almost daily in the early phases of website design and SEO.

Our primary advantage as a website design company is that we use current coding technologies and produce designs that not only reflect your brand but are also current, aesthetically advanced and scalable. Clients trust our skills, experience, seasoning, intelligence, professionalism, and honesty. We deliver results over and above what is expected and promised.

Anea Bogue - certified life coaching for women, moms, teens and tweens - Website Design by Lancer Media Inc


Designs with MIVA Merchant

WalletBe Mens Wallet and Womens Wallets - Website Design by Lancer Media Inc


Some website design guidelines we created and follow:
  • We research and analyze relevant in-demand keywords related to your product or service then ensure alignment of those keywords with the business strategy – much like the mall store owner would develop a business plan and select the appropriate products and merchandising strategies before selling those products to the public. As you can see, whether we are designing a new website or providing SEO services, keyword research and analysis is the foundation upon which website success is built.
  • Merchandise your website design, titles, content, and descriptions to create enough interest to entice a visitor to enter your website (store). Once the visitor enters your website, give that visitor ample reason to stay, i.e., focus on photography, content, ease of navigation, design aesthetics, calls-to-action, effective product offerings, conveniently placed ordering pages, and timely fulfillment.


Optimize Your Website Design for Higher Search Engine Rankings

Once the website design phase is complete, Lancer Media develops (codes) the website to be search engine friendly so that it achieves high search engine rankings and significant visibility for each relevant keyword that a user queries (potential buyer). Each web page that carries a different theme can be optimized for different keywords which allows each web page to rank on its own merit. The more web pages your site has, the keywords for which it can rank increase. Flash, embedded javascript and frames cannot be read by the search engines. This doesn't mean that they cannot be incorporated into website design and development but as long as we know search engine (and smartphone) limitations, we can assure you that each of your web pages will be crawled and indexed by the search engines.

Lancer Media's holistic search engine optimization plan includes:

  1. Client Website and Business Strategy Consultation
  2. Keyword Research & Analysis – the foundation of a website's optimization strategy;
  3. SEO copywriting including title tag and metatag optimization
  4. White Hat Link Building
  5. Website Design and Ergonomics
  6. Website Analytics and Reporting


BigCommerce Design & Development

Protecto Products logo - reflective high visibility clothing


Website Design and SEO Consulting

Let our SEO consulting team work with you directly or with your team of website marketing engineers to keep your website conversion-oriented, relevant to visitors, ranking high in the search engines and updated with the latest, more efficient web technologies.


Mobile Website Optimization

Mobile website design is an important component in our overall website design service offering because we continually see 10% - 15% of all of our client website traffic coming from mobile devices. And that figure will just continue to increase. Since more and more visitors are demanding a view of your website's products, services and content via their mobile devices, it is imperative that website owners consider a separate dedicated mobile website to complement their full site and social media marketing strategy.


The Basics of Mobile Website Design - Lancer Media


Your Website Design and SEO Efforts Are Unique to Your Brand

Our website design efforts are custom-developed and SEO is based on oru custom methodologies compiled over 12 years. Your products and services are unique, your message is unique and your strategy is unique. And, so, the design of your website shold be unique and so should the plan to market to your customers.

We treat each client as a member of our family. We expect and achieve long-term relationships with each.


Lauren Kendle Event Production, Los Angeles & Santa Barbara


Mount Majestic Properties, Utah

Want to Know More? Just Ask.

If you'd like to further understand how SEO, social media marketing, website design, mobile website design, SEO training and other specialized Internet Marketing Solutions will absolutely, without a doubt, grow your brand and increase your sales, we invite you to call us at 818.914.4122 or send an email to We will be in touch quickly.

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Grow your business - Get started with LA SEO, website design, and social media marketing
What Is Holistic SEO?

SEO gets your website ranked.
Holistic SEO gets you sales.

Lancer Media's search engine optimization projects are continuously successful because they are based on our custom Holistic Optimization MEthodology (H.O.M.E.) which:

  • increases keyphrase-based traffic to your website
  • increases pageviews
  • increases time spent on your website, and most importantly,
  • increases sales.

Our holistic search engine optimization company has morphed, really, into holistic website optimization because we also incorporate additional and effective properties and strategies that can increase the number of qualified visitors to your website:

  • social media marketing
  • search-based platforms
  • industry-specific website properties
  • blogs, forums and discussion groups
  • press releases
  • online shopping channels
  • and so much more

Front page organic ranking in the search engines cannot be accomplished if all optimization factors are not followed and they can only be followed if they are known.

Our success is derivative of seasoning, empiricism, and methodology culled over years of research and practical application. And, as such, our results are delivered quickly and are sustainable.