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Desktop and Mobile Website Design

Custom Builds. Wordpress Templates. Responsive Designs.


Lancer Media offers full-service desktop and mobile website design, custom Wordpress templagte designs, and eCommerce shopping cart solutions for small and mid-sized companies worldwide that bring your ideas and strategies to life. We also customize Wordpress templates and build and tie custom content management systems (CMSs) to your website pages for easy WYSIWYG editing.

We work hand-in-hand with you to design and develop your website, one that is contemporary in look and feel, clearly displays your message and, clearly directs visitors to perform the action you intend. Our professional Los Angeles and Toronto website design teams focus on creativity, imagination, ergonomics, aesthetics, structure, function, and conversions.

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Lancer Media - SEO and Website Design Company Los Angeles and Toronto

Holistic Search Engine Optimization

SEO gets your website ranked.

Holistic SEO converts visitors to customers.

Since 2001, Lancer Media, Inc. has proven its excellence in SEO, website design, shopping cart development, and website marketing. Search engine optimization is more than "getting to the front page of Google." It requires an understanding of your business model, product and service offerings, keyword search demand, designation of the proper keywords, copywriting expertise, a knowledge of your target market, and finally, the ability to convert visitors to customers, clients or patients. Over the past 15 years, our custom SEO methodologies have resulted in millions of dollars in earnings for thousands of clients.

Lancer Media is based in Los Angeles and Toronto. We serve small to mid-sized businesses across North America and worldwide.

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Lancer Media - Social Media Marketing Services Los Angeles and Toronto

Leverage Social Media to Increase Visitors and Sales


"The best way to attract visits to your website is to create a buzz. Create a fun, emotional, even need-based reason for people to want to view your products and visit your website."

If you have someone on your side that truly understands the nuances and complexities of viral and social media marketing and has the intelligence and skillset to develop and deploy an appropriate social strategy for your brand, social media marketing will increase visitors to your website and more importantly, increase website sales.


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Lancer Media - Reputation Management Los Angeles and Toronto

We Fix Corporate and Individual Online Reputations For Good!

Michael L., Washington, D.C. - "I can say without any doubt that your sevices helped me keep my job and my security clearance. I know the gov't did a web search on me and only found positive info. Your services managed to push all the erroneous info those witches posted about me, right to the very end of the web, and the profile you posted right to the very front. I will never forget the feeling of hopelessness I was feeling until the night I called you. People should know that there really is a service to protect folks from internet intimidation."

If you are suffering from a damaged online reputation, we invite you to talk with us. As you will read, our reputation management expertise worked for Michael, the Kern County Scottish Society and it's worked for many other businesses, groups and especially individuals over the past years. We know how you feel: alone in an online world you don't quite understand, violated as if someone has just robbed you of a possession and a bit uncomfortable because people tend to believe what they read from any public source be it the search listings, a blog post, or a tweet.

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Los Angeles and Toronto SEO Training

Lancer Media - Los Angeles and Toronto SEO Training

In one day, we'll teach you the requisite SEO skills to elevate your website to the front pages of the search engines.

Investing in your SEO development and the SEO development of your employees yields optimum ROI. Why? By "teaching you how to fish", we teach you the skills necessary to effectively promote and profit from your website and your brand which enables you to spend the monies designated for outsourced SEO projects on other business initiatives.


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